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Pride Flags!

Pride Flags!

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Rainbow batik cotton fabric make these Pride Flags vibrant and incredibly unique.   Celebrate Pride with these fun flags
5.5ft long X 5in. tall

6ft long strand (fully extended) of rainbow flags to hang anywhere you feel joyful.  The flags are hand glued with a durable fabric glue to two lines of colorful, organic hemp line. The flags come with mini metal clips for easy hanging.  Each flag is approximately 4"x5".  They are double sided batik cotton with vibrant colors and patterns.  The flags are rough cut and are intended to fray slighting as they age.  

Joyful Flags are perfect for your patio, garden or in any room.  They are lightweight but durable for all season outdoor use.  Joyful Flags make a really special gift and come rolled in a delightful gift package and shipped in a vibrant multi-color envelope.    A set of flags bring animation and color to our favorite places.   Great for reusable party decor and the best addition to a camping vehicle!

Because each strand is handmade there may be slight variation in pattern and color.  YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE THE FLAGS PICTURED, BUT THE COLOR THEMES AND THE PATTERNS WILL BE EXACT OR AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE.

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