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Clouds & Pastels Flags

Clouds & Pastels Flags

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SOFT TONES AND SOOTHING COLORS.  These flags are peaceful in nature and would be adorable hanging in a baby nursery or in a blooming garden!

Each strand of flags uses a high quality double-sided cotton batik fabric. Each flag is hand assembled, has rough cut edges with slight variation in size.  Most measure approximately 4" by 5" fabric.  The flags are attached to two strands of colorful organic hemp line. Convenient mini-carabiner clips are included for easy hanging for indoor or outdoor use.  The strands are durable for outdoor hanging in all weather.  Fully stretched out, each strand is approximately six feet long and every strand arrives rolled as a fun gift package.

Because each strand is handmade there may be slight variation in pattern and color.  You may not receive the exact fabrics pictured but the color theme will be as described and very similar to the flags pictured.

Approximate Strand Length: 6'

Approximate Individual Flag Size: 4" by 5"

FREE SHIPPING on three or more flag orders!

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